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The Next Utopia


An ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for the GRYPH Marketplace. Experience fast and cheap gas costs when minting, listing and trading that scales.

The Economy Engine

GRYPH is powered by the world's first decentralized economy engine that allows users to buy and sell provably asset backed $GRYPH direct.

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The NFT Wallet You Deserve

  • List, Buy, Send and Collect Digital Art
  • Discover NFTs Across All Blockchains
  • Zero Configuration NFT Detection
  • Your Wallet, Your Data
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GRY.PH Naming Service

Decentralized Naming for sellers, buyers and art collections.

Staking $GRYPH

  • Earn on Successful Listings & Purchases
  • Use on Platform Fees & Gas
  • HODL for Rewards & Exclusive Deals
  • Zero Fees for All NFTs Created on the Side Chain
  • Cheap Marketplace Gas Fees. Forever.
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