About GRY.PH

GRYPH is an NFT marketplace that allows digital assets to be listed and traded across all major blockchains redefining how creators publish digital artworks and buyers purchase easier.

  1. We started as a digital fashion clothing brand powered by NFTs.
  2. We were one of the first to sell NFTs in ecommerce stores.
  3. We supported our customers in setting up their wallet and selling their NFTs on marketplaces.
  4. We realized that many of our customers in general has troubles in navigating marketplaces.
  5. We researched that the general population has the same problems as our customers.
  6. We thought about how can creators launch NFTs without being locked in.
  7. We thought about a user's first time experience in buying crypto and NFTs.
  8. We thought about how users can buy NFTs with any crypto.
  9. We thought about the gas cost of using a marketplace.
  10. We took a lot of notes, have done countless experiments and prototypes.
  11. We are aiming to support an ever growing NFT industry.
  12. We prioritize user experience and ease-of-use overall.
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