GRY.PH Naming Service

Decentralized Naming for sellers, buyers and art collections.

GRY.PH is working on launching a one of a kind, cross chain marketplace and namespaces are a part of the services it provides. These namespaces are ER721 compliant NFTs using images generated and stored on chain.

Frequent Questions

Why should I reserve a name?

If you are an artist/creator/collector/trader, you will want to reserve your desired name early in order to use it when we launch our NFT marketplace. Names reserved before the official launch will have no expiration.

What can I do with a namespace?

Namespaces will be used on the new marketplace as an easy way for others to remember and access your collection or profile easier. All namespaces that are NFT collections acquired through this medium will be featured and promoted throughout the marketplace.

How much does it cost?
  • 0.1 ether for 3 letters
  • 0.05 ether for 4 letters
  • 0.01 ether for 5 letters
  • 0.005 ether for 6 letters or more
Why is it more expensive compared to ENS?

With ENS you have to renew every year. These namespaces do not expire and this offer will only last till the launch of our NFT marketplace.

When will I be able to use my name?

Your name can be immediately used when the NFT marketplace is launched.

Do I need to renew every year?

While the NFT marketplace is being launched, names reserved will never need to be renewed.

What happens if I sell or give away my name?

The ownership rights will pass to the new owner.

Do we need to do anything to ensure the continued use of my name?

Besides holding the NFT, no.

Can I trade my name on other NFT exchanges?

Yes you can.

How are funds earned from this service used?

Funds will be used for the continuing development of the NFT marketplace.

What prohibits large scale name grabbing besides registration fees?

The cost of doing this and gas is the only limitation in place.

Can my name ever be take away from me?

In small cases where the name is in breach of a registered trademark it may be taken away. In these cases you will be compensated for your loss.

How can I get a 2 letter name?

Right now the only way is to either contact us or wait for hyper exclusive airdrops.

Can I see the contract?

You sure can!

I minted already, but it's not loading on OpenSea. What's happening?

The image and metadata are generated all on the blockchain. It takes a few minutes for OpenSea to cache this data. Be patient! it will load eventually.