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Namespace Referrals

Earn 50% commission in Ethereum by encouraging your friends to buy a GRYPH name. All managed on the blockchain.

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Frequent Questions

How do I refer?
  1. Create a wallet using Metamask.
  2. Refer people to and tell them to look for and click "Have a referral code?"
  3. Give them your Ethereum Wallet address from your Metamask wallet. It should start with "0x…". Please use a wallet address where only you know the private key or pneumonic phrase. If you refer using your Centralized Exchange (CEX) wallet address you will not be able to redeem your rewards.
  4. When your referrals purchase a namespace, you will be creditted with rewards.
How much do I earn?
  • 0.05 ether for every 3 letter name
  • 0.025 ether for every 4 letter name
  • 0.005 ether for every 5 letter name
  • 0.0025 ether for every 6 letters names or more
When can I redeem my rewards?

When your rewards reach 0.1 ethers or more, you can redeem at anytime.

Why can't I redeem under Ξ 0.1 ?

It's just a way to prevent gamifying this program and getting self discounts.

Is there gas cost when I redeem rewards?

Yes. Rewards are stored and redeemable on the blockchain so there is gas involved.

Can I see the contract?

You sure can!

Will this program expire?

This program expires when the namespace service is no longer available.

Can I redeem rewards after the program expires?

Yes. Even if the program expires, you can still redeem.

How do I make a referral link?

The format looks like this:[YOUR WALLET ADDRESS]

For example: